International Awareness Week 2018: Interview with Mark Clements

It’s International Stress Awareness this week (5th-9th November 2018), and we have been fortunate enough to talk to some really inspiring people in and around mental health. Continuing our interview series, we had the pleasure of talking to Mark Clements. Mark works for a large organisation in the electronics sector.

In Mark’s video interview he shares what he has been doing with his team at work to help improve mental health and reduce stress in the workplace. He shares his experience of Mental Health First Aid Training and wellbeing programmes that have boosted staff morale and engagement.


In the interview, Mark also talks about his own stress and how he has historically managed his stress. Although Mark strives well in a high pressured job, staying calm, he reflects on how he used to manage stress and how this affected his health.

Mark shares how he used to manage stress through eating, and suddenly found himself, a few years ago, at 25 stone. He has been on an incredibly inspiring weight-loss journey, loosing 9 stone!

Mark shares how Mindfulness played a vital role in his journey.

Once a sceptic of Mindfulness himself, Mark shares why mindfulness has worked for him and how it has changed his views. He shares what Mindfulness is all about and how you can use it day-to-day to help manage stress and live life more mindfully.


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We want to say a huge thank you to Mark Clements for taking the time to talk to us. We hope you too found it as inspiring as we did!