Why Creativity and the Arts?

Children find the activities enjoyable and fun, and we learn so much more when we’re having fun right? We believe passionately about the power of creativity and personal development, it can help children in so many ways:

  • Children can use their images and creations to explore their inner world and their feelings and emotions.
  • The arts help children communicate their feelings and the unknowable.
  • The arts become the language of expression.
  • Being creative enables children to ‘think’ differently about situations and ‘think outside the box’.
  • The process helps children understand their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Children can explore more complex and difficult feelings in a safe, less directive way.
  • Sometimes we don’t have the words to describe how we feel inside, therefore, creativity helps children to express themselves and feel empowered.

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Watch how we enrich children’s lives through creativity…