My Whole Self Campaign – 18th March 2020

Google’s landmark Aristotle study found that ‘psychological safety’ is one of five key elements that allows a team to excel. Teams that feel safe and connected work better together. To do this they need a working environment that allows them to be authentic and show their whole self. 


In 2020 we shouldn’t have to leave parts of our identity – be that our cultural or ethnic background, sexuality, or health – at the door when we get to work.


When we’re empowered to be our ‘whole self’ at work we can build deeper connections. This helps us to be more understanding of our colleagues, so we work better together.


The highest performing workplaces are supportive and inclusive. By putting diversity and inclusion at the centre of mental health and wellbeing, employers can create a culture where people can be themselves at work.


The Campaign 



MHFA England have launched a campaign called ‘My Whole Self’ calling on organisations to empower employees to bring their whole self to work. 

On the 18th March 2020 businesses across England will be taking part in ‘My Whole Self Day’ with activities, social media and in-house awareness. 


How you can join in



Think about some activities you can organise to build deeper connections amongst colleagues. Some ideas from the campaign are;


  • Own clothes day. Wearing the clothes you would wear outside of work can help people feel more themselves, relaxed and willing to open up. So whether its your cultural or traditional clothes, or your sports kit, strike a pose on ‘My Whole Self’ day!


  • Discussion panel. Hold a ‘My Whole Self’ discussion panel where senior leaders can share their own mental health and life experiences. As well as building trust and visibility, this activity can help colleagues at all levels feel more able to be open about their own needs.


  • Book club. Celebrate diversity by learning more about each other. Get your team together and run a ‘My Whole Self’ book club to empower employees to share a story about their whole self. This can help encourage people to learn new things about each other, find common ground and feel safe and respected.



We look forward to seeing how you bring your whole self to work! 



Find more information and workplace downloads on the campaign click here



Be empowered.


One in four people in the UK will suffer from a mental health issue each year and yet two-thirds have no one to speak to about their mental health, according to a poll for Time To Talk Day 2019 by Time To Change.

While it is a legal requirement to have physical first aiders in every workplace, and in many public places and events, we’re still a long way from seeing our mental health treated in the same way.

Here at Be Empowered we hope to change that by training people as mental health first aiders to be able to assist those suffering with mental ill health in the workplace, and signposting them to get the appropriate professional help for them.


Click below to find out about how you can train with us!


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