Mental Health First Aid Training – Before, During & Aftercare

Our approach


We believe in a 360 approach to training in your organisation which is why we run all our courses in-house with you.

We want those who attend our mental health training courses to feel supported and educated not only in the hours you spend with our accredited trainers but before and after. It is imperative that businesses understand the training must embed into an environment that is working to support and nurture the mental wellbeing of all staff and first aiders to ensure they are safe, looking after their own wellbeing (as taught on the training courses) and create the support networks necessary to make a successful and meaningful impact in the workplace.


Not a tick box!


Organisations that work with us are among the healthiest and most forward-thinking businesses in England. They understand the time and energy needed to work on the culture of their workplace. The best examples of this come from the top down, knowing your employers are genuinely interested and committed to their employees happiness and wellbeing has been proven in research to increase productivity, staff retention and business reputation.




During the initial enquiry and booking process we work with you to ensure strategies, policies and procedures around mental health and wellbeing are up to date, work well for your particular workplace and suggest ways to create long term plans for employee wellbeing.

We provide application process suggestions and tips to ensure your mental health first aiders are well informed, chosen for the right reasons and understand the on-going role within their teams.

After the training we continue to work with you to ensure the process of embedding mental health first aiders runs smoothly and fits practically into your organisation.


Aftercare tips


  • Follow up after the MHFA course with a conference call or meeting. Make sure everyone feels comfortable in their new role, provide written documentation and answer any questions around how it works in your organisation.


  • Set up a Mental Health First Aider network with a clear remit for support and idea sharing. This should be overseen by someone with a HR background or the person who is leading the initiative. The network should meet regularly and is an opportunity to remind Mental Health First Aiders to look out for their own wellbeing too.


  • Empower Mental Health First Aiders to maintain their skills with regular refresher training. We recommend a ending an MHFA Refresher course (half a day’s training) every three years, in line with physical first aid training.


  • Keep track of when people leave the organisation and more MHFA England training is needed to maintain numbers.


  • Review and report on the impact of the training regularly


  • Raise mental health awareness and tackle stigma throughout the organisation to help create an environment where people feel empowered to contact their Mental Health First Aiders for support. Some organisations do this by:

-Circulating free resources and information

-Inviting in speakers with lived experience of mental ill health or subject experts to deliver a talk or lunch and learn session





One in four people in the UK will suffer from a mental health issue each year and yet two-thirds have no one to speak to about their mental health, according to a poll for Time To Talk Day 2019 by Time To Change.

While it is a legal requirement to have physical first aiders in every workplace, and in many public places and events, we’re still a long way from seeing our mental health treated in the same way.

Here at Be Empowered we hope to change that by training people as mental health first aiders to be able to assist those suffering with mental ill health in the workplace, and signposting them to get the appropriate professional help for them.



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