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UK Hosts First Global Mental Health Summit

The UK will host the first ever Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London in October, coinciding with World Mental Health Day on the 10th October.

The summit will aim to help countries work together to increase the evidence for different treatments, and to ensure healthcare systems around the world value mental health as much as physical health.

Ministers, leading academics, policy makers and patients from more than 30 countries will be invited to attend.

The summit is also expected to help countries learn from each other to find the best ways to deal with issues such as stigma, discrimination and increased rates of depression and anxiety among young people.

Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt has also announced the launch of the Global Alliance of Champions on Mental Health – set up jointly with his Australian and Canadian counterparts. The aim is to encourage political leaders to raise the profile of mental health, decrease stigma and work together more across world regions.


Around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life and by 2020 the World Health Organisation estimates that mental health conditions will account for 15% of cases of disease in the world.


Mental illness is also the biggest cause of lost economic output, with an estimated cost to the global community of nearly US$2.5 trillion a year, which is expected to increase to US$6 trillion by 2030.


Ahead of the summit, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has started a conversation about mental health. The social media campaign kicked off yesterday, 17th September, asking people what we need to change and how we see and treat mental health. People around the world are being invited to share their views on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TheWorldNeeds.

See what our Directors Tracey and Ceri chose for the campaign below!

Tracey Dangerfield –

” #TheWorldNeeds more community movements that encourage positive psychology, understanding and connection.”


Tracey believes deeply in the need for more empathy as a community so that people feel empowered to talk about their mental health without fear of judgement or discrimination. Social inclusion is a key fundamental to ensuring the best possible recovery, this means that mental health is everyone’s business because people will not recover in isolation.


Ceri Morris –

“Mental Health at work continues to be a taboo, if someone became unwell would you know what to do? #TheWorldNeeds more Mental Health first aiders in the workplace!”


Ceri is passionate about empowering workplace communities, after all we spend a third of our adult lives at work and 60% of work absences are related to stress, anxiety and depression. Mental health support at work is not just good for staff wellbeing it makes perfect business sense too. Businesses can save on staff absence costs as a result of supporting staff mental health at work.


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“It is shocking that 1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental ill-health at some point in their lives and around 450 million people are currently living with a diagnosed mental ill-health condition.

For too long we have collectively failed to grasp the true magnitude of the problem. We owe it to everyone to put mental and physical health on an equal footing, to try and eradicate the apathy towards mental health once and for all. I urge policy-makers and leaders to put mental health at the front of their minds.”

-Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock


More on the summit…

The Summit will host six workstreams  showcasing innovations from across the globe throughout the Summit and developing consensus statements to be delivered to political leaders. The workstreams are:

  • Children, young people and the now generation
  • Caring Societies: Creating the conditions for inclusion, prevention and wellbeing
  • A just society: supporting societal shifts, tackling stigma and discrimination, creating inclusive societies
  • Mental health services around the world
  • Research and the future of mental health
  • The economics of, and investment in, mental health


The Summit will also host the launch of the landmark Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health, and secure the agreement of a political declaration to drive international action on mental health.
This Summit is the next step in a journey to a new level of co-operation so that we can improve mental health around the world.


Here at Be Empowered we actively encourage open conversations about Mental Health and fully support all efforts to bring these conversations to the forefront. Through our delivery of Mental Health First Aid training in the workplace we strive to make UK workplaces more supportive, educated and mentally healthy environments.


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