Mindfulness Course (half day)

We offer tailored Mindfulness Training to workplaces that focus on educating employees about emotional well-being and how to reduce stress. Our training is combined with theory and practical exercises.

This training is to help workplaces learn new skills and resources in Mindfulness. When practiced regularly, Mindfulness can help employees feel calmer and content in their lives. It can also help build resilience to adversity and challenges.

By the end of the day employees will understand the basic science and theory behind stress and how Mindfulness can improve wellbeing. Employees will learn activities and exercises that they can not only put into practice personally, but also apply in their working environment – through delivering peer-to-peer mindfulness groups.
Learning outcomes:
• What mindfulness is and how it can help create a calm state of mind
• The science behind mindfulness

• How you can practice mindfulness for your own well-being
• How you can support other people to engage in mindful activities, thus helping them to feel calmer and happier
• How to facilitate mindfulness activities for your colleagues

You will receive a Mindful toolkit which includes over 20 activities and ideas that can be used as a resource in your workplace.

We also specialise in Mindful Art, which is a workshop-based activity where delegates unwind and engage in Mindfulness in a creative way. You can book regular well-being Mindful Art sessions for your staff, or simply invite them along to one of our events.

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