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Be Empowered provide Mental Health First Aid training and other wellbeing courses such as stress management in the workplace

Employers all over the UK are acting now to ensure the wellbeing of their staff. Why? Because healthier people are happier, and happier people are more productive and engaged in their job.


Be Empowered specialise in helping organisations to develop their knowledge of mental health and empower employees to support one another.


Our courses and workshops are delivered by fully accredited and experienced trainers, who are deeply passionate about reducing stigma and positively influencing wellbeing.

Be Empowered Mental Health First Aid Home

Mental Health First Aid

Be Empowered are working in association with Mental Health First Aid England to provide quality accredited mental health training courses. Our training is designed to reduce stigma and teach practical skills that can be used every day in the workplace.
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Be Empowered School Staff Training Home

School Training

We offer courses to schools, including Mindfulness, to help improve their staff’s knowledge in mental health and wellbeing for children. Our training helps children and staff to manage mood and stress levels whilst developing emotional resilience and empathy.

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